Sycamore, English Q/C Figured Flexible Veneer

Price: $276.47
     Platanus Occidentalis, or as we know it, Sycamore, is a standard specie of wood in the Eastern United States. It has many applications as a lumber including pallets, crates, furniture, and tool handles while it may also be turned into paper, veneer, plywood, or particleboard. The color of this wood is very similar to maple, while also being predominantly comprised of the sapwood rather than heartwood. the sapwood is a light tan while the less present heartwood is mostly seen as darker streaks throughout the board. Shifting to the grain it can be seen as interlocked while the texture is very fine and even. Interestly enough, with all the uses Sycamore has it is actually very lowly rated in durability and resistance but all the same is used still.